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"So what do we do with all the CDs?" - The digital music revolution comes to Chez Admin

Discussion in 'Audio Visual and Digital Home' started by Shaun, 18 May 2015.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun Über Geek

    This was the question my wife asked after I installed and set-up our Sonos speakers and digitised our music library.

    I explained that everything was now stored on the NAS behind the TV cabinet and streamed to the speakers over the Sonos network via the house WiFi and Internet connection. Anything we don't own can now be streamed through Google Play Music (Spotify got dropped after I discovered it doesn't have a way to filter explicit tracks - even after 3 years and 85 pages of requests in the Spotify support forum!) - we don't own it, no CD or anything, but can play it (and millions of other tracks) anytime we like over the Internet. I showed her how to push things into the queue, find and play radio stations, etc. but she just can't seem to get her head around not using any media.

    It's not that she can't understand how it works, it is just a real difficulty getting her head around the concept of no media; nothing tangible, no disc in her hand, no tray to slide in/out to receive the disc. Having grown up with records (singles and LPs), tape, and CDs she just isn't yet comfortable with music just being "there" instead of there, in her hand. :borg:

    A week later I finally retired the little tape/CD/radio unit to the shed and the wife is resignedly accepting that things have moved on - although there is one redeeming feature; she loves being able to use her iPad to remotely mute the speaker in Little Ms. Admin's room so she can get her attention! :headphone:
  2. amusicsite

    amusicsite dn ʎɐʍ sᴉɥ┴ Staff Member

    Yer, I've just hooked up my TV to a hard drive with tons of music and videos on... The only problem is I have lots of shiny discs so it's going to take me ages to rip them all. I have most of my favs on there already but the idea is to get FLAC quality versions of all the audio off the CD's and rip the DVD's I own, though technically it will probably be easier to just download the movies because of the copyright rubbish. Is it still illegal to download a movies when you have the disc!!??

    The only problem is my box (Bluray/DVD player) that I'm streaming it through has a naff interface and the only 3rd party app is YouTube, which keeps crashing. So I might have to look for another box at some point. IT would be nice to have the other video sites too and audio/video podcasts but it is nice to just have all the music at a few press' of the remote. I quite like stil having the shiny discs as a back up (what happens if that NAS drive dies Shaun?) and I've seen enough online streaming content providers go out of business to not trust them to keep my stuff safe.

    I'm still waiting for that 1PB hard drive with all the music, movies and books released in the 1900's to come out then I'll never have to worry. :)
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  3. drummerbod

    drummerbod Active Geek

    Southampton - UK
    Got my wife and kiids used to it years ago after I modded a few Xboxs to run XBMC (still have 4 of them). Still also using devices like the Philips NP1100 and Freecom Musicpal as well. Everyroom has a device. My NAS is under the stairs. It's a HP N54L with 10TB running Synology DSM.

    Music - I ripped all my discs to WAV using EAC.
    DVDs - I ripped using DVDShrink\Handbrake
    Blurays - pointless. I can rent Blurays for less than a £1 a time. It costs more in hard drive storage space and electric than to rent.

    By far the best streaming software for me in the last 10 years is still XMBC or Kodi as it is now called. Even an 8 year old PC (Core2Duo & 1GB RAM) with a cheap gfx card (ATI 5450) will run Kodi and playback full fat Bluray streams. Using the Yatse app on your Android device to control Kodi is great.

    The Synology DSM software has apps like DS Audio for your mobile devices that allow you pull and push audio.

    In a way it's become over complicated. As there is more to go wrong now it will always take up more time to resolve. Nature of the beast.
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  4. Where from?

    Even I can afford that!
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  5. drummerbod

    drummerbod Active Geek

    Southampton - UK
    Amazon - Lovefilm by post. £7.99 a month for two at a time. I get through a couple a week.

    What I do is sign up for 2 or 3 months then have a break for 2 or 3 months then start the sub again and add to my list. Probably works out at about 50p a rental the way I do it.
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  6. Ah ... I used to be in one of those schemes but discovered that I spent too much of the time watching pro cycling to get the full benefit.
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  7. andyfraser

    andyfraser Active Geek

    Swindon, Wilts
    I have all my music on a Plex Media Server. I stream that to TV (via Chromecast), phone and tablet. I did start ripping my DVDs but I'd need to spend a small fortune on hard drives and the time it takes makes it far too slow to be practical.