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Old Technology

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop' started by classic33, 19 Jan 2022.

  1. classic33

    classic33 Veteran Geek

    Or in this case, verging on "the occult" and dark magic of it's day.

    How much stock would you place in what were called "cunning men". Men, and women, who had an understanding of some scientific principles.

    Using old texts and reports(court, church and county records), I've followed the trail back. I've narrowed the area to an area sized about 400 yards long by 30 yards wide. Within that area there are spots that can be knocked off, various reasons. More recent man-made features being the biggest.

    In recent years major finds have been made, by others, independent of anything I've done, near the area. In the last year there's been minor finds made, based on the reports and texts, in the area. In one case where it was said they could be found. Were these "cunning men" right in what they did over 500 years ago, or was the finds down to luck and modern technology being used?

    I've a plan to repeat what these "cunning men" did, but using some modern technology to aid my endeavors. How would you rate my chances of finding what they and others have searched for, before and since?