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My PVR has frozen - help!

Discussion in 'Audio Visual and Digital Home' started by Danny, 21 May 2014.

  1. Danny

    Danny Regular Geek

    My Hitachi PVR has completely frozen :( .

    By frozen I mean that it displays a still picture, but you are unable to change channels or access any other function.

    At the time it froze we were trying to go into the Guide to set a programme to record. For a few days prior to this the device had been intermittently hanging when we tried to set recordings, but the problem was always resolved by turning it off at the mains, and then restarting.

    However on this occasion turning it off and on at the mains doesn't have any effect - it just goes back to the frozen picture.

    When you turn it off and on it appears to boot up as normal and there are not obvious warning messages on the display.
  2. amusicsite

    amusicsite dn ʎɐʍ sᴉɥ┴ Staff Member

    Depends how long you turned it off for but try leaving it powered off for an hour or so. See if that's any better.
  3. Danny

    Danny Regular Geek

    I powered it off last night when I went to bed, and won't be able to switch it on again until I'm back from work - so that should give it 18 hours!
  4. 0-markymark-0

    0-markymark-0 Über Geek

    Google to see if there's a firmware update sequence for it (Sky has one) which may solve it. Failing that there might be a full system reset but that may well delete all saved content.
  5. Danny

    Danny Regular Geek

    My OH was happily sat in front of the TV when I got it, so leaving the PVR powered off for an extended period seems to have resolved the problem - at least for now.

    Do you know why that should be?
  6. Danny

    Danny Regular Geek

    Googling doesn't reveal any obvious firmware updates.

    Also, not clear how I would apply it if the PVR completely freezes again. Similarly I believe you can only reset the PVR if you have access to the menus - which you don't when it is frozen.
  7. 0-markymark-0

    0-markymark-0 Über Geek

    What model is it?