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MiniBloq graphical programming

Discussion in 'Software and Programming' started by ashbotandsparki, 31 May 2015.

  1. ashbotandsparki

    ashbotandsparki Member Geek

    Hi guys

    I'm new here and love programming especially using miniBloq which is graphical programming software, free to download and easy to use and understand :) gives a good intro to arduino which i also use a lot for more complex tasks like navigation and localisation. I normally mess around with my Sparki from arcbotics but Im interested in other robots too.

    check out my blog which iv not long got started with and let me know what you think :) any help would be greatly appreciated


    if anyone else has used miniBloq I would be glad to hear from you :) :)

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  2. Shaun

    Shaun Über Geek

    Hello ashbot - great intro and cool little site you've got going; I notice in your blog you said Sparki (great little bot BTW) helps you with your day job, if it's not too personal a question, what is your day job?

    In my day the nearest thing we had to an accessible programmable robot at home was this beefy guy - Big Trak:


    You could use the pad on its back to program steps and then set it off around your living room.

    A page from the instruction manual:


    It was a great intro in very basic (literal) programming logic, because it taught you to account for the coffee table, chair leg, dads slippers, etc. :D

    How long have you been interested in programming / robots?
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  3. ashbotandsparki

    ashbotandsparki Member Geek

    Hi Shaun
    I'm a learning assistant in a further education college, I work mainly with students with learning needs. I have used Sparki to introduce some of my students to programming and it has been a big hit, in fact only yesterday we moved onto arduino and my student wrote an awesome code to make Sparki dance, and we included if/else and a for loop so it was a pretty good learning experience. Also, for the next academic year I am putting together an entry level e-course in programming, which the college will be running so I'm really excited about that.
    That robot is pretty cool! It's similar in programming to more modern things like Wowwees RoboQuad which to program you use the remote to enter steps and it can remember like 50 or so commands. But it does do a lot of other stuff too lol.
    I really haven't been programming for long. I got Sparki at the end of October and I'v learnt everything since then and have become interested in other types of programming like Javascript and Python since then too, even though that's not for Sparki. I really like the different languages and my course I'm developing will focus on Javascript I think. I have been interested in robots for ever, but I am hopeless at making anything so always stuck to the entertainment based robots commercially available, as a lot of robot kits come as a kit to build. Then I found out about arduino and raspberry pi and decided that actually even if I couldn't build something I could learn to program a robot and the search began for a pre-assembled robot that could be programmed with arduino, which led me to Sparki!
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