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How to Stop Tornadoes in The USA

Discussion in 'Earth and Environmental Science' started by Alex H, 11 Mar 2014.

  1. Alex H

    Alex H Senior Geek

    Central France

    "Building three "Great Walls" across Tornado Alley in the US could eliminate the disasters, a physicist says.

    The barriers - 300m (980ft) high and up to 100 miles long - would act like hill ranges, softening winds before twisters can form.

    They would cost $16bn (£9.6bn) to build but save billions of dollars of damage each year, said Prof Rongjia Tao, of Temple University, Philadelphia."

    Where are they going to get all those bricks from? :roflmao:
  2. Shaun

    Shaun Über Geek

    I can't believe this is a serious suggestion - here's a better one: Stop building houses and communities in Tornado Alley!

    <cough> That'll be $16bn please ... I'll take a cheque! :thumbsup:
  3. amusicsite

    amusicsite dn ʎɐʍ sᴉɥ┴ Staff Member

    Well I've read they were thinking of using glass not bricks and also many people think it would not work as described, though I think that may just be a bit of naysayers.

    I wonder if there could be a less intrusive way like for example columns of hot air pumped up in the same areas to create artificial updrafts to help control the winds.
  4. Alex H

    Alex H Senior Geek

    Central France
    The bricks was an attempt at humour, but I did think, supposing they built these walls and spent all that money and they didn't work?
  5. [​IMG]zpsd4521c15.jpg.html][​IMG][/URL]

    Hailstones from a less than tornadic thunderstorm in the US. Better be pretty thick glass. Sometimes, you get a whole lot of hail, too
    This is on a 85 degree day in June, and that is 1-inch hail covering the road

    Small, weak tornado came from this wall cloud.[​IMG]
    Fog from hail and torrential rain covering fields to a depth of several inches.

    I would be worried about making such drastic changes to a topography like the US. These storms are mild in their ferocity compared to what occurs in tornado alley, and tornado alley is what it is because it is between two mountain ranges. Some wind softening effect that has!
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