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2010-2020 The decade review.

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop' started by amusicsite, 5 Nov 2019.

  1. amusicsite

    amusicsite dn ʎɐʍ sᴉɥ┴ Staff Member

    I know I'm starting this a bit early but it's a low volume site and wow, what a decade!

    I think this has probably seen the most rapid advancement in humankind that we have ever seen. The funny thing is, for us in the richer parts of the world at least, we seem to have got used to these changes. If not expect them...

    So let's start this off with a look at 10 years ago.

    Firstly this forum was not on the internet, started by Shaun in 2011 I believe. At the end of 2009 forums were a lot bigger. flickr was still popular and myspace had fallen from grace as the upstart Facebook had rapidly grown to 350 million users.

    There were 1.73 billion people online worldwide compared to 4.39 billion now. That's over one third of the global population has gone online for the first time in the last decade. That's people with a regular connection to the internet, I'd image there are another billion or two that have come in contact with the internet for the first time.

    Internet Explorer was king and Chrome was the new kid on the block. 40% of us had 1024x768 screens. Mobile phone internet use was only a few percent and top of the range from Apple was the iPhone 3GS. Symbian was bigger than iOS and Windows 7 had just come out. Microsoft was heavily promoting Windows Phone after the hell of moving away from Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android was just starting to look like it might have potential. The 4G networks were in their test stages. While the Palm Pre vision looked good but failed, though now the OS run on half the TVs.

    On the subject of TVs. The new HDTVs had just convinced most people to get their first heavy flat tv with an impressive bevel. 3D had just died and Plasma TVs were still considered superior to LED. Breaking Bad was on season 2 and Lost was becoming a joke at season 5. Oh and OLED was going to be the next big thing, no change there.

    On the big screen Avatar was the film to beat. Slumdog Millionaire had cleaned up at the Oscars. While Blockbusters or the Netflix postal service were where you got your movie fix. Lady Gaga and Black Eyed Peas topped the music charts. In the the gaming world the PS3 had just got slimmer and the Xbox 360 did the same shortly after. Nintendo were basking in the Wii heyday. While Left 4 Dead 2 and Assassin's Creed II had everyone playing sequels. Also people were starting to think Half-Life 2: Episode Three may never come out.... Minecraft had just come out.

    Toyota Prius was all the rage in the car world. Either loved or mocked. The Waymo self driving car project was starting up along with Uber and Kickstarter. NASA's Kepler Mission and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter had just launched, water was found on the moon. The Space Shuttle was still flying. New Horizons was on it's way to Pluto, Dawn had just passed Mars on it's way to Vesta and Ceres. While the Japaneses had just returned Hayabusa after landing on an asteroid and collected samples. The Europeans were gearing up to launch their new Galileo GPS system and the Large Hadron Collider was just about finished.

    The Copenhagen Summit had concluded we really should do something about this climate change thing. The Paris agreement was still 5 years off. Anti-vaxxer made it into common language with the MMR vaccine scare. Solar and wind power generation prices were starting to drop fast. China's Three Gorges Dam was still being built.

    Netbooks were the new trend and Google where gearing up to take over this market with their new ChromeOS, while phones had just started to be able to do maps with GPS. After a life long beta period Gmail had just gone live. No more invite only sign up. USB had just got v3.0. AMD had just launched the first 4 core processor. Ebooks were all the craze.


    Forbes predictions were ubiquitous computing, something like checking your phone every 5 minutes without thinking of it as a computer...

    Then that software, still at the time mainly got on shinny discs, would be replaced by apps that anyone could make.
  2. amusicsite

    amusicsite dn ʎɐʍ sᴉɥ┴ Staff Member

    So lets get down to what has changed and to start with I'd like to nominate Elon Musk as man of the decade.

    10 years ago he was the dude who had just sold PayPal and got a few hundred million in the bank. People were wondering if he was just about to have burnt all that money on his toy rocket company.

    Then he launched SpaceX onto space properly and totally shook up the space launch industry within decade. From totally reusable rockets, landing on a ship, catching the fairings and ending the decade with the launch of the 75th Falcon 9 rocket. The booster on this mission is flying for the forth time in 10 months. One off the fairings is being flown for the second time and they are trying to recover all the bits again. This mission is risky as they are doing a lot of things not proven before... But they have come up with the perfect solution to this. They are using it to launch another 60 Starlink satellites. These are their own payload they can use of risky launches, so if a few go boom it don't matter as they can knock out another 60 of these quite quickly. In fact that's the idea. They want to put up 10,000s of these to cover the whole planet with a global internet system. On schedule to launch in places next year, where it will start generating them money from their test launches!

    It's gone though four iterations of it's Falcon. Used the Dragon supply craft to send stuff to the ISS and are close to completing their version for sending humans. Then there is the crazy Starship thing they are currently working on.

    That alone would make him a contender. Yet he still had time to start a car company and shake that up too. From nothing they have built the mega factory in America gone from making 15,000 cars in their first year to being on target to top half a million next year and with the Chinese factory launching next year maybe closer to a million cars... And not just cars. Trucks too with the Tesla Semi and new pickup truck coming soon.

    If that's not enough transportation for you then he set up the Boring company to make tunnels and the Hyperloop system to use them.

    Throw in a bit of OpenAI and the stuff done with self driving. It's been quite a good decade for him and his companies.