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How to unzipping a WinZip file under Windows 7?

Discussion in 'General Computer Discussions' started by PeterRussell, 16 Feb 2016.

  1. PeterRussell

    PeterRussell New Geek

    We run schedules backups using Windows 7 backup tool. After backup we compress the file using WinZip. The backup file is usually around 4 to 5 gb large.
    On the last backup we checked if it was ok by extracting the contents and copying the actual zip file to another drive; both worked perfectly.
    Yesterday we needed to extract this backup and it failed. See attached pic all messages given. We proceeded to move or copy the zipped file and it fails; hence, it could be the hard disk.
    We then proceeded to run check-disk and effectively there were drives errors, but were fixed by the tool.
    Now I can copy and move the zipped file, but still can't extract the contents.
    Please see the pic and helps determine whats the problem and how can we extract the backup contents.
    (if question is wrong zone, please moderator move to according zone).

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  2. amusicsite

    amusicsite dn ʎɐʍ sᴉɥ┴ Staff Member

    Sounds like the file was damaged and the check disk fix probably fixed the file but broke the archive.

    You could try other compression software to try and recover some of the data but you probably will have lost at least some of it. Start with trying this.

  3. amusicsite

    amusicsite dn ʎɐʍ sᴉɥ┴ Staff Member