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Apple vs Epic

Discussion in 'General Computer Discussions' started by amusicsite, 29 Aug 2020.

  1. amusicsite

    amusicsite dn ʎɐʍ sᴉɥ┴ Staff Member

    So we seem to have another massive tech battle like the Oracle vs Google one over Java. This time it's Epic mainly fighting Apple over their pricing policies for developers.

    Just like the Java case this is more than just about money, it's about how the playing field is changing. With Java it was about the move from software written for one machine to APIs that provide the same service. The case was to see if you could copyright the functions of an API helping the old software sellers maintain their old selling models.

    This time it's about moving to a more logical split of profits between the app store providers and the developers. The current model sees the store owners take 30% which mostly came about because physical retail stores would take about 60%. So the developers originally felt it was a good deal compared to the old model.

    Roll on a few years and you now have developers that generally don't have to ship physical products to a generation that don't even remember physical games stores. It costs these digital stores a lot less money to run than they are making, which is helping the bottom line for companies like Apple.

    So Epic has taken up the cause that many developers feel is hurting their business model. Apple and I believe Goggle too, if you use their store, require you not only to give their 30% for the one off price of purchasing an app but also any purchases from within the app. In Apple's case you are not even allowed to mention this or pass on this cost.

    The current state is Epic is off the stores and this will either rumble on for years or Apple will be forced to change by public support. Well the younger generation be weary of adopting into Apple's ecosystem if the thing they like could get pulled? Is their ignorance of the power of gaming going to make gamers leave the platform? Time will tell